My four year old daughter absolutely fell in love with fairy Amber! She still is on the look out for her in hopes of catching a glimpse of her in her fairy garden. And is awaiting anxiously for her return. Thank you fairy Amber for a magical experience and fantastic memories!
— Jennifer M Darrah Mcllvee
Amber Rae is so creative and committed to being a fairy that all the kids really believed she was! This is a great way to introduce the magic of gardening to young kids in a fun and imaginative environment. Definitely recommend this for earthy young children looking to share their passion!
— Rosaleen McGill
My 3 year old could not stop running around gathering materials for her garden! She still comes out every day to look at it and visit her fairy. Fairy Garden Parties has a really cool, nature friendly, wholesome party concept going on, and Amber is a delight!
— Tatiana Lg
The girls were completely enchanted from the moment Fairy Amber walked through the door. They haven’t stopped talking about their experience with the Fairy and check their gardens every day for signs of fairy life! A completely magical experience.
— Gwendolyn Chung