Fairy Garden Parties was born out of a joyful serendipitous occasion.

My grandmother, who discovered the joys of fairy gardens years back, wanted to share them with some of the children of our family and friends, so she hosted a party where the kids got to make their very own fairy gardens. On a whim I decided that it would be fun to dress up like a fairy and surprise the little ones. The reaction from the children was so much more than I expected!

They were so incredibly thrilled and became swept up in the magic of truly believing a REAL FAIRY had come to play with them that day. The pure joy I saw from the children and the fun we had making the gardens sparked a desire in me to want to share this magic with other little ones.

So I took all the things I loved about that day and transformed it into an enchanted musical jamboree and fairy garden tea party. Through dreamlike songs and tales, I spin a message of love and compassion for one another and nature. I work with the children as they create their own fairy gardens out of natural materials. This is what I want to share with you.

My mission is to bring the gift and the enchanting mystery and allure of the fairy world to children and their families. I want to be a part of creating something truly memorable and special for you and your kids.

It is my hope that these encounters offer a new and beautiful connection to the magic of the natural world—one that conveys a respect for our Earth, responsibility for its care, and the importance of remaining ever curious about its mysteries.